Hello 2020!


Well hello, 2020 - I have big plans for you!

It is 8 days into the new year and I am jazzed but also a bit overwhelmed and feeling the need to get laser-focused. I have a dream (I have had this same dream for years) and I feel like I need to say it out loud to help me get really clear on my goals but also have some accountability from friends like you or to find someone else on a similar dream-building journey.

 My dream: I want to run a successful art and design business that can provide financially for my family.

 There it is. It's my “one thing” and I know it can happen. I now want to figure out how to make that dream come true and the start of a new year always feels like a great time to take daily habits and goals to the next level. Yes, I know, I can and should take action steps throughout the year (and I do) but there's something about January 1 that lights a fire in my heart.

 So, my intention for this post (my very first blog post of many this year) is to think through and finalize the action steps that will move the needle in making my dream a reality.

My list of ten action steps has a little bit of business, a little bit of family life and a few healthy habits. What I have learned so far is, if I'm not taking care of myself with good food, good sleep and mindful moments, I don't have the energy to do anything else especially build a business. Also, if I'm not present with my kids and husband then mom guilt, wife guilt (all the guilts) set in and I, oh so dramatically, throw a little fit and stop painting altogether to make some sort of point and nobody wants that to happen😬. So, here is my list of goals (big and small) for this year personally and professionally.

  1. Paint Daily
  2. Eat more plants; eat less meat
  3. Move my body and practice yoga daily
  4. Sign up for 2 art markets
  5. Create with my kids once a week
  6. Date my husband once a month
  7. Drink more water; drink less wine
  8. Show up online (social media, blog, newsletter) regularly and be willing to share from the heart (even the hard and messy moments of life).
  9. Host 2 painting workshops
  10. Schedule at least 3 weekends away to camp/hike/explore with the family

 I love it. This list makes me so happy and excited. I'm going to print it and post it where I can see it every day.

 I'm curious, what's your "one thing"? Let me know in the comments or send me a message, I’d love to cheer you on!