About the Artist

I'm an artist currently living in Katy, Texas with my husband, Matt, and our three daughters.

Most days you can find me painting in my home studio, spending time with my kiddos, or daydreaming on the back porch alongside my husband with a drink in hand.
I was born and raised in a small town in Kansas. I spent most of my childhood running the neighborhood with friends. I was creative but not necessarily showcasing my creativity on paper or canvas. Instead, I would make up games, create photoshoots with my dolls or sculpt elaborate mud homes under our deck for the toads. Even in high school, I took a couple of art classes but I still chose playing basketball or volleyball over creating artwork. It wasn’t until college that I learned how much I loved creating and began exploring art as a career. 

I have focused the last ten years on raising my girls, however, since they are now in school,I have found myself ready to delve deeper into my creative work and start sharing it with others.
I use oil or acrylic paint to create modern, impressionistic works of art that are inspired by the simple joys found in the world around us, whether in the everyday moments or inspired from our travels.
I believe art tells a story and can often come from the simplest of moments.  Art is meant to be personal, meaningful and can become a great topic of conversation. I paint works of art for those that see value in creating a beautiful and inspiring home for themselves and their family.